7 Tips to Save on Uganda Safari Vacations

7 Tips to Save on Uganda Safari Vacations

  • Posted: Aug 09, 2019
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Traveling to Uganda for wildlife adventures is undeniably one of the most thrilling experiences that come once in a lifetime. While these experiences are so fascinating, spending a vacation in Uganda doesn’t mean draining your bank account, spend more than you expected or planned for or rather incur extra costs that you never planned. Most visitors get hurt when they get back home especially in an attempt to make a reservation and yet there are several car rentals that can be booked at a pocket friendly price.

Below are some of the ways that you can save on Uganda holiday

Travel as a backpacker

Back packing safaris in Uganda are relatively affordable and more enjoyable than what you have ever thought about if you made a reservation via a travel agent. If you opt for back packing adventures, you can actually share your travel plans with the travel agent and you will equally have the most exciting safari in Uganda. You will need to know the destinations of your travel interest and the tour operator will a flexible back packing travel plan which includes all the activities and lodging facilities. A back packing adventure in Uganda is cost effective and remarkable.

Opt for budget accommodation and hostels

Whereas most of Uganda’s natural attractions feature mainly luxury lodging facilities, you can also have a night in one of the relatively affordable accommodation and hostels that cover all budget travelers’ interests. This means that you will have to spend your stay in hostels and comfortable safe budget lodges throughout your vacation in Uganda and at the end of the day you would have saved some money for the next vacation. Most interestingly, most of these accommodation facilities are situated near the parks’ headquarters and travelers can easily walk or connect to the visitor center. Alternatively, you can go camping and you would have saved a lot more. 

Park entrance fees

Given that park entrance fees are payable for each particular entrance that you will make, you then spend your time and move through the national park and catch a glimpse of several wildlife species take their photos as many as possible, engage in various activities and you would have saved money because of multiple entrances.

Purchase few souvenirs

While it is possible to save money on vacation, extra costs can come when visitors spend much of their money on buying gifts for their friends, family members and others. Uganda is however, the best destination for one to save while on safari.

Target for off season

If you are interested in the most affordable holidays, then you need adequate planning and your plan should dwell much on off season safaris. The low season at times comes along with discounts despite the bad weather. The discounts are realized in transportation, accommodation as well as other safari activities. Uganda experiences the low season during the months of March, April, May and November.

Join group safaris

With a group safari, you share a cost especially for transport compared to solo travelers who are likely to pay for a whole cost of car for their vacation in Uganda say hiring a Land Cruiser which accommodates up to eight visitors. You can cut down this cost and share with your colleagues and have a memorable experience like anyone else. If there is a group that is visiting the same tourist destination of your choice then it is wise that you join it and have your dreams come true in Africa.

Choose to visit the nearest national parks

If you are interested in visiting the national parks, make sure that you select the ones that are near to the city center and the best national park for this kind of vacation is Lake Mburo National Park which takes visitors about 4 hours while driving from Kampala city center unlike areas like Kidepo Valley National Park which may require the full day for you to drive.

Pack your own drinks and food

Rather than purchasing food from the lodge while at the park, you can simply pack your own food and save on the money that you would have spent buying the same food in the park. In most cases, purchasing food at the national park is costly compared to if you bought outside. Or you can eat at the driver’s canteen. Usually, safari drivers equally get better local dishes, western food as well as snacks at relatively affordable costs at their canteen. This means that in case you are a budget traveler, you can also take a walk around the same premises you will also have something.

In conclusion, a safari to one of Uganda’s most spectacular national parks or any touristic site rewards visitors with remarkable wildlife encounters whether you are budget traveler or luxury traveler.