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How to Book Gorilla Permits

How to Book Gorilla Permits

  • Posted: May 15, 2019
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Would you like to see the mountain gorillas in the  wild? Are you organizing a trip to see the mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda? The first thing to consider is booking a gorilla permit which should be done at least three to five months before your desired date. Please note that during peak months, you may need to book your permit well in advance and you should consider booking at least 6 months to the date you are travel within.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) are the official bodies issuing gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwandan respectively. These bodies work with selected tour operators to sell the gorilla permits to prospective visitors.


A gorilla permit cost USD 600 for Uganda and USD 1500 for Rwanda.

Important to Know

Take note, children under 15 years of age restricted from gorilla tracking. In some cases you may need to consent with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to allow a 14 year old kid to go gorilla tracking in Uganda.

For independent travelers, when planning self-drive tour,it is important to book your permit with a registered car rental company or tour operator. Booking a gorilla permit on your own is possible only when you are in the country but can be difficult. It is easier to book a gorilla permit with a destination management company than with UWA or RDB except when you visit their offices and book in person.

To book your gorilla permits with the same company, consider that as a separate inquiry which you need to agree on its own. Take into account extra charges for that service like transport and airtime to make booking calls. You can check out for a list of destination management companies that can help you book a gorilla permit for your trip.

Step by Step Guide to Booking Gorilla Permits

Think about where you want to go for gorilla tracking and then contact one of the registered tour operators to assist booking gorilla permits. They are a brilliant point of contact answering any questions you have on gorilla permits for the destination of choice.

Specify the dates you intend for gorilla tracking and the tour operator will find out from Uganda wildlife authority or Rwanda development board whether the gorilla permits are available in the gorilla tracking location say Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga or Volcanoes National Park.

Once gorilla permits are available for the preferred date of travel, visitors can send money to the tour operator who will go ahead and purchase the gorilla permits on your behalf.

Provide a photocopy of your passport, date of birth and nationality so that gorilla permit is secured and registered in your full names.

Car Hire Uganda : Frequently Asked Questions

Car Hire Uganda : Frequently Asked Questions

  • Posted: Jul 08, 2017
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Here are some of the questions many car hirers especially on a self-drive asks, self-drive is one of the best option and many companies in Uganda, inclusive. Hiring cars on a self-drive gives traveler a chance to explore on their own, it gives freedom as you are free to navigate any area of interest at your own pace. Here are some of the frequently asked question by car hirer and answers.

When to book a car hire? It’s advisable to book a rental car in time prior to your arrival dates to avoid disappointments as result of last minute booking. If you book in time, you are guaranteed of a purchasing power in that you can contact different rental car companies and select one which has friendly prices that can meet your budget. This cannot be possible if you wait to book on arrival. You can pay before your arrival to avoid risks of carrying huge sums of money. Also you can pre-book and pay on arrival after agreeing with a car hire agency. We do accept arrival payment.

What is the age limit for one to be allowed to drive in Uganda?   The age limit in Uganda is 18 years of age which is known as the standard age. However if someone is between the age of 17 years and he/she possess a valid driving permit can be allowed to drive.

Is it OK to return the car before the actual agreed upon dates? This is acceptable, however, no refund for unused days. However, if you exceed the agreed upon days, you are supposed to pay each day you have stayed with the vehicle and you have to communicate earlier to the car hire agency

Fuel consumption required and the type of fuel? For the amount of fuel required, it’s better to ask the car hire agency before you start your road trip and most of the hired cars are both petrol and diesel, so choose the car with the fuel type that will suit your interest and budget. The car hire agency will do their best to give you the car with the fuel type requested. Most of the time cars are hired without fuel and no refund in case you return it with fuel, so when fueling it you need to be calculative about the distance you are going to cover.

Do I need to come with a driving permit? Driving permits are very vital for anyone who hiring a car. Driving permit is a proof that you hold a driver’s license in your country, so endeavor to come with it, no one will hire you a car if you don’t present it to the car hire company.

How do I know that a car is going to be booked for me? After the payment has been made, you will be sent a scanned copy of receipt of payment as a proof that your payment has been received. And if you pay on arrival a receipt will be written to you indicating the type of vehicle, number of days to use the car and the amount paid.

Is travel insurance needed? Travel insurance is highly needed and your travel agent is the best person to give you advise on the right insurance policy for your holiday vacation.

Which insurance is the car hire agency provide? In Uganda most of the car hire companies offers comprehensive insurance this covers Fire, accident and theft. However, this insurance does not cover the occupants and their belongings so you must come with your own personal life insurance. And the insurance covers only one person the driver.

What Not to Do When Renting a Car in Uganda

What Not to Do When Renting a Car in Uganda

  • Posted: Jun 21, 2017
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Having a rental car in a city you are not familiar with is a huge advantage. You do not need to wait for public transportation and you are always on time for business or leisure, and meetings. To budget travelers, renting a car in Uganda is also much more affordable than paying a taxi, especially if you are in a hurry. In this article, we have shared some tips that will help you find the best rental deals and avoid hidden costs and legal troubles.

1.Purchase insurance when you have full coverage

Most insurance companies view rental cars as replacement vehicles. This is why a full coverage driver’s insurance usually covers the driver 24/7 in both their  own and the rental vehicles. If you have a full coverage policy, buying an additional insurance will just damage your budget and will not provide you with any additional protection.

Of course, you should not take this for granted. Some companies only cover rental cars up to the value of driver’s original vehicle. Before renting a car, you should check your insurance policy and call your insurance company if necessary.

2. Not to purchase insurance if you are driving abroad or do not have a full coverage

Before you rent a car, you should check whether your insurance policy covers rental vehicles. As I said earlier, most full coverage policies do, but if you have a less expensive policy you might need to purchase additional insurance.

Also, if you are travelling abroad, you will need to buy car insurance when renting a vehicle. Do not try to skip this, because in Uganda , somebody  can hit your car on the parking lot and may be forced to pay for a costly repair.

3. Prepaying for gasoline

Everybody likes to drive a car with a full tank. This way, we do not have to think about gasoline and to worry about being late for flights or meetings. Recently, car rental companies introduced new options for car refueling.

If you have a pre-dawn flight for example, renting a car with a full tank can be very practical. On the other hand, you should never take a full tank if you are not sure that you will bring it back empty. Cost of agency filing a car’s tank is much greater than the cost of doing it yourself, which is fair since they need to drive the car to the gas station.

4. Ignoring upgrade offers

Many drivers simply rent the desired car and do not inquire about various upgrades agencies are offering. If you want to take an A Class car at a busy time, when the agency is running low on small vehicles, you might be able to upgrade it to B, C or even a more executive car for free, or for a  very small amount of money.

If an agency clerk asks you whether you are interested in a larger car, you should tell them that it depends on the price. They will definitely offer you a bargain.

5. Failing to check for various loyalty programs and other discounts

Different rental companies offer different types of discounts. They often establish relationships with various membership programs, including travel organizations and frequent-flyers. Members of sport clubs, hobby-focused groups and age-specific organizations might also get great discounts.

Agencies also might found their own loyalty programs and introduce special seasonal offers. Clerks will not always tell you about all possible discounts and that is why you need to check all of their special offers and inquire about the discounts you might be eligible for.

6. Failing to check for a place to refuel your tank on the way back

Since most people are renting cars when they arrive to the new and an unfamiliar cities and destinations, they are not familiar with areas around airports and rental agencies. That is why they need to find a gas station where they will refuel the car before bringing it back to the agency.

The best time to check for a place to refuel your tank is right after you have picked out the car. Take a note of local gas stations and check their prices. On your way back, you should choose the most-easily accessible gas station that offers the best prices.

The rental car industry is very competitive. That is why agencies offer many bargain deals, but many people miss out on them because they are too lazy to inquire about special discounts and offers.

Before you arrive to the agency, carefully read their offer and special conditions on the website. This way you will always know how to find the best possible car Rental offers and deals.

Self Guided Safaris the Future of Tourism in Uganda

Self Guided Safaris the Future of Tourism in Uganda

  • Posted: Jun 08, 2017
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Tourism in Uganda involves visiting different natural environment attractions and mingling in the traditional culture of the people around these attractions. In other words, Uganda is more of an eco tourism destination. Some of the natural attractions visited are wild animals and plants in the national parks, natural sites like mountains, valleys, crater lakes, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and beaches.

These natural tourism destinations are located in remote areas and most of the times a tourist needs a professional i.e. a tour operator or travel planner to aid him/her to enjoy or encounter these wonderful attractions. These tour operators offer tailor made tours to the tourists whereby both parties contribute to the making of the itinerary.  Furthermore, the tour operator books transport services, accommodation facilities and also attraction entrances on behalf of the tourist. The only work for traveler is to book his/her air travel and also make payment of the safari trip as price quoted by the local operator. The traveler is guided by the safari driver guide to the different tourism destinations while on the trip. The trip is a “merry go experience” as everything is on silver Plata as most of the travel components are taken care of by a tour operator.

However, due to the changing interests of travelers around the world, many of the travelers have started opting for something more adventurous and something that gives them privacy and independence. This is why self guided tours are emerging on sketch since they give the later attributes. Self guided tours involve tourists encountering tourism destinations on own their without the help of a safari guided.

Nowadays, what the travelers need from a travel company is   a 4×4 self drive car hire that can traverse them to the different tourism destinations. The driving, accommodation and tourist site entrance booking is done by the travelers.

Self guided tours provide the freedom for traveler to discover, explore and tour different attractions in Uganda at his/her own pace. These types of tours make the traveler get fully immersed with tourism destination as he/she has the freedom to go anywhere without being time bounded.

The self guided tours are also less costly compared to guided tours. On a self guided tour, a traveler does not incur the expenses of paying a tour guide as the traveler guides/leads him/herself to the tourism destination.

Many tourists opt for Uganda self drive and several companies have made top notch self guided tour packages to their esteemed customers. These companies are offering different kinds of 4×4 vehicles to their customers. Some of the vehicles being offered for self drive tours are Toyota RAV4 for a sole and budget traveler, Toyota land cruiser for luxury and a couple, safari vans for a group. The travel companies in Uganda are catering for all sorts of travelers wishing to take up self drive tours.

There are also extra facilities that are being provided for travelers interested in self guided tours like camping gears with all items that can help a tourist while camping. GPS and travel maps are being provided for knowing the routes and bearings of different tourism destinations in Uganda. Extra baby seats are also provided for people traveling with kids.

Many of the travelers might be worried of damaging the car which may mean incurring more costs. Most of these rental cars taken for self guided tours are insured against damages and third party. This is normally caused comprehensive insurance. But for the case of personal insurance one has to purchase on his/her own.

Cutting everything to the chase, self guided safaris are the way to go as they give a traveler the freedom to encounter tourist attractions in Uganda his/her own and this makes him/her explore and discover Uganda fully.