Uganda is a country rich in cultural heritage since people from various origins inhabit the place from time immemorial. Many of the regions like Buganda, Bunyoro and Toro had kingdoms. The people are quite hospitable. Each of the tribe is very respect to their tradition. Uganda Culture is a melting pot of diverse cultural practices.

Uganda Culture includes a number of religious groups like Christians, Sikhs; Hindus etc. people speak in 40 languages out of which Luganda is the most common one. Swahili is also used. English is the official language. Literature of Uganda is very rich as well. One of the famous writers is Okot p’Bitek. Culture in Uganda is farther enriched by various sports like football and cricket.

Uganda Music is an integrated part of the Culture of Uganda. Each of the tribe have their own song and dances for most of the occasions. Kitaguriro is a form of dance of the banyankole, while the banyoro perform Runyege dance, Acholi also have their traditional dances such as Bwila and Otole, Agwal is the traditional dance of the Alur people and the Bagisu people have their Imbalu dance duirn gthe circumcision ceremonies. The commonly played instruments are ennaga, amadinda, ndigindi, entongoli and like me. Uganda Culture thus remains an amalgamation of several cultures.