Sports Facilities

There are a variety of sports available in the Kampala, Entebbe and Jinja City centers – Squash, golf, tennis etc Fishing on Lake Victoria or the Nile River and White water Rafting from Bujagali falls is also popular. Arrangements can be made for these activities depending on individual interests.
Uganda Sports are one of the main attractions of the tourists other than the cultural activities. The largest sports stadiums can be founded in Kampala and Wakiso. Wrestling is a very popular game of Uganda. John Akii-Bua earned the country its first gold medal in 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. Sports of Uganda have got a very important role in the life of the Uganda people.

Uganda Sports includes

Football: It is one of the main Sports of Uganda. Adults and children have different groups. Uganda has the National team the “Uganda Crane”, There are many clubs that organize football in different time of the year.

Cricket: Cricket is no less popular in Uganda. Female Cricket is quite famous here. Cricket is played throughout the year.

Athletics: Athletics is one of the favorite Uganda sport people. Sports person have taken part in Olympics and won medals. Like Nzikuru and Moses Kapsiro.

Tennis: Tennis is a popular game of this country. There are a number of organizations which arrange for matches.

Rugby: The rugby team of Uganda is very powerful. The players are well practiced. It is also an esteemed game of this African country.

Golf: There are a number of hotels adjacent to the golf fields. People who come here for business purpose also like to spend some time playing Golf.

Fishing: Fishing can be enjoyed in the Islands. You can take a boat for boating as well. This will be a unique experience for you. Sailing: Many sailing clubs are there. They will provide you with just what you want. Swimming: The local people as well as tourists can enjoy swimming in the clear water. Other than the swimming club most of the hotels have got the facility of swimming.

Boxing: Boxing is one of the most loved games in Uganda. Some of the Boxers have also taken part in Commonwealth games. Sports in Uganda are not only recreations. They are the integrated part of the fun loving people of the country.