Uganda Targeting Chinese Tourists

Uganda Targeting Chinese Tourists

  • Posted: Jul 24, 2017
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There are over 7 million Chinese tourists that travel to foreign destinations each and every year. There are many Chinese tourists from most of the many authoritative travel agencies that have come to Uganda to enjoy the many different trips around the many tourist destinations and attractions. The tour that the Chinese tourists engaged in is among the initiatives Uganda Tourism Board has put in place to improve Uganda’s efforts to get to china’s travel market.

According to the China Tourism Research Institute, there are over 117 million Chinese that travel to different foreign countries each year and spend over $104.5 billion. And among these tourists, over 10% of them travel to Africa. This might be small but this means that they are over 10 million tourists and it’s unfortunate that less than 500,000 of these come to Uganda since it ’still in the shadows of countries that marketed themselves to China in the past years. Some of these nations include; South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and many more.

Uganda Tourism Board senior marketing officer says that their efforts to enter into this market in the past years were irritated by limited funding. However, since things are continuing to fall in place and the government has increased the financial support to the sector, they have now boarded on the drive to woo Chinese tourists to Uganda.

The bottom line here is to create additional jobs for the Ugandans as tourism has become one of the major players in its international commerce. Tourism also comes across as the main income source to many households.

The reason why we are choosing china is that Uganda Tourism Board move is fully backed by the fact that Uganda has a rich concentration of the products that show to this niche most especially the cultural destinations as well as the primates. There are also road shows that have been organised in the main cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. There are over three exhibitions that have been organised in these three cities. The Chinese tourists that come to Uganda come to showcase Uganda’s appealing tourism attractions.

There are also many familiarization safaris in Uganda that have been done to enable the Chinese tour operators to sell Uganda the pearl of Africa from a fully informed point of View. Also as it’s the case, the main focus is on the tour companies that have fully specialised in driving tourism tourists to Africa. This will also help in marketing of Uganda to the outside world and thus increasing the number of tourists to Uganda.

The main tourist attractions in Uganda. Tourists taking safaris in Uganda have a lot to see including the mountain gorillas that are mainly found in Bwindi impenetrable national park, the chimpanzees, and the other primate species like the golden monkeys and the monkey types. There are also mammals, reptiles and the birds. The adventure activities also include; white water rafting, bungee jumping, quad biking and many more. The other activities also include; mountain hiking, guided walks, nature walks, bird watching and many more.