10 Most Interesting Things to Do in Jinja

10 Most Interesting Things to Do in Jinja

  • Posted: Jun 25, 2017
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If there is a town in Uganda that is captivating and endowed beyond imagination, then it is Jinja because this is a town that has a bucket full of interesting attractions and activities for tourists. Jinja is where you will find almost all adrenaline activities, most industries and cozy accommodation facilities. This town is known as the “Capital of adventurous activities”, and is situated about 100 kilometers/60 miles East of Kampala and is about 1 hour away. Here are some of the genuine reasons why you should add Jinja on your bucket list.

Enjoy a boat cruise

While in Jinja, you can take a boat cruise at the River Nile as you enjoy a drink or snack that will make your time in this town unforgettable. The most fantastic is the sunset cruise where you watch the sun set while on the waters of the Nile with your drink or dinner served on the boat. This is the best activity for tourists on a honeymoon. Alternatively, there is also a sunrise boat cruise where you watch the sun rise while you are on the lake and have your breakfast too. This is one of the things that you will never forget about Jinja town.

You can visit the source of the Nile

Several times when someone mentions river Nile, most people think of Egypt. But did you know that the source of the Nile is actually found in Jinja? Then come discover the source of the Nile and be added to the list of great achievers like John Speke. While at Jinja, you can enjoy boat rides within Lake Victoria from the Source of the Nile Park then back, and relish some of the colorful butterfly and beautiful bird species around. Boat rides costs about $40 per hour but the experience is beyond what you can imagine.

 Home of adrenaline filled activities

Jinja is known as the adrenaline capital of East Africa because you will never get bored with the variety of adventurous activities you can choose from. It offers the Ugandan version of the Victoria Falls, and some of these adrenaline filled activities include Jet boating, white water rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, bungee jumping and Quad bike rides. Most of these activities are not for the faint hearted people but for those who do not fear to explore the extraordinary. Adrift Adventure and Nile River Explorers are some of the popular Companies that organize these adventurous activities, but most hotels in Jinja also organize these activities for their guests.

Mountain biking

This riveting activity is mainly conducted along the Nile River and rewards tourists with a breathtaking view of the Nile, several Villages and Hamlets. Besides the refreshing feeling you get when you participate in Mountain biking, you will also enjoy some of the attractions within the Nile.

Visit to Itanda Falls

The Itanda Falls is found on the Nile River, about 18 kilometers North-west of Jinja town and is a place where you will appreciate the power of nature. Besides the magnificent Waterfalls, you will be able to sight some bird species including the weaver birds. Some of the remarkable activities that take place near this waterfall include camping and picnics hence this place is one of the fantastic vacation spots for family getaways.

Besides visiting the Itanda Falls, you can also visit the Bujagali Falls (about 10 kilometers) from Jinja town perfect for bird watching, scenic viewing and white water rafting, the Kyabirwa Falls (8 kilometers from Jinja Town) perfect for bird watching and Ethno-botany.

You will also find great accommodation facilities for relaxation and unwinding, and they include Kingfisher Safaris Resort (midrange), Jinja Backpackers at the Banks of the Nile offers great meals and tourists can enjoy the spectacular views of the Nile. Two friends Guesthouse is ideal for tourists looking for a quiet place for chilling with friends during the weekends, Wild Water Lodge, Emerald Backpackers at the center of the town boats of beautiful gardens and wonderful bar area, Free Wi-Fi and Pool table and Jinja Nile Resort the pride of Jinja with wonderful swimming pool open to Guests (free) and non-guests (at a fee).

In conclusion, Jinja is the Capital of adventurous activities in Uganda that include bungee jumping, white water rafting, and Kayaking. Besides the adventurous activities, tourists who visit this town can chill within some of the exquisite and cozy hotels/lodges which offer you an experience like no other in Uganda.