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5 Top Attractions in Eastern Uganda

5 Top Attractions in Eastern Uganda

  • Posted: May 18, 2019
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The East Africa Circuit trail is one of the less explored trails in Uganda. If you would like to travel off the beaten path on your Uganda Safari, trailing through the Eastern side of Uganda will make your trip unforgettable. If you are a fun of road tripping, these are some of the most important attractions that you should not miss to include in your trip itinerary;

The River Nile

While you are in the Eastern region, it’s worth to visit and see the source of  Nile River to imagine the important events in history and the countries this great river has touched before reaching into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world. One of the sources of this incredible waterway, you can see the start of the Nile at Jinja, which is about a two hour drive from Kampala through the Mabira forest. You can enjoy some boat trips around the lake and visit to the hydroelectric power plant at Bujagali Falls. The area around Jinja is also known as the adventure capital of East Africa. You can enjoy mountain biking, horse riding, and other adrenaline activities. The town itself is also worth a visit to see some examples of colonial architecture. While in Jinja, there are many different accommodation options to choose from to make your stay comfortable.

The Nile offers interesting water sports that can be experienced for example white water rafting. Other things to do in Jinja are Bungee jumping, quad biking, jet boating, horseback riding, kayaking among others.

Nyero rock paintings

Nyero rock paintings site is a three level rock cave shelters with long ago oldest paintings on their inner surfaces thus presenting the Iron Age. They are unique rock paintings found in the Iteso land in Kumi district of Uganda. In order to visit them, it is so possible when you have a stopover to these mighty caves. Once you visit the place, the paintings demonstrated a high degree of appreciation of their beautiful values although the painters miss out their identification.

There are some folk tales of old people who have little information about the original inhabitants. The paintings are generally attributed to Batwa people who are hunters and gathers from the pygmy origin and they are thought to have immigrated because of the arrival of the Luo, Nilotic and Bantu groups. Till up to date, the meaning of the three phase paintings is not known although they still look gorgeously at the site. The Batwa people who settled in the area before the Iteso People, lived in the area and drew the pictures. They left the place long ago and there is no record of them.

Currently, the Etesots live in this region but are not the original group of people believed to have drawn the pictures that make up the Nyero Rock Paintings. The paintings offer a unique motivation, decorative piece of art on natural lonely inselbergs in landscapes with beautiful scenery for visitors to enjoy. The rock art is Uganda’s precious treasure which she holds to protect from destruction.

You can climb up on top of the shelter for great views of the surrounding area and will find monkeys birds and at times even reptiles sunbathing. Take care on rainy days since the rocks can become a bit slippery. It is about 5hrs’s drive from Kampala to Kumi and about 8km from Kumi to the Nyero rocks.

Mount Elgon

Mountain Elgon is an extinct volcano about 250 kilometers in the Eastern region on the border between Uganda and Kenya. The National park has much to offer to visitors including attractions Elephants and Buffalos especially on the lower slopes of the mountain. Other wildlife includes; Antelopes and monkeys. At 4000 square kilometers, Mountain Elgon has the largest volcanic base in the world. There are over 300 species of birds, including the endangered Lammergeyer can also be seen in the thick forests that circle the peak. Climbing this mountain is not difficult at all but hikers can also check out the big caves, waterfalls, cliffs, caves and gorges. During the night, animals frequently come to lick up salt from the cave walls. The volcanic soils allow the Elgon region to produce the finest Uganda’s Arabica coffee.

Mount Elgon and the surrounding area has activities that most visitors will enjoy and one needs to stress that Mount Elgon is more than a mountain to be conquered but to be enjoyed by most any visitor and since not every visitor is a climber there are lots of nature trails, caves, waterfalls, various vegetation zones, birds, wildlife to be enjoyed on guided walks without the need for any equipment but a light backpack, hiking boots, a wide-brimmed hat, Jeans, long-sleeved shirts and a light rain-jacket, bottled water and a packed lunch on all day nature walk or the newly commissioned mountain bike trails.

Mountain Elgon is home to two tribes that is to say; the Bagisu and the Sabiny, with the marginalized Ndorobos forced to dwell deep within the forest of Benet. The Bagisu, also known as the BaMasaba, consider Mount Elgon to be the embodiment of their founding father Masaba and refer to the mountain by this name.

Though many visitors to Mount Elgon come to climb Mount Elgon there are however many activities in and near Mount Elgon for those who want to simply explore and discover this great region in the Pearl of Africa Uganda.

The Sipi falls

The Sipi falls is the most beautiful water fall found in the Eastern part of Uganda in Kapchorwa district about km north of Mbale. The falls is a set of three water fall located at the foothills of mountain Elgon. Many times Sipi falls is associated with only one of the 3 falls which is the tallest at about 100m and is the main water fall. The other two are thought to be about 7 and 8 meters high. This water fall is one of the best attractions in the Eastern Uganda. Not only the falls but also the view of Mount Elgon from up and the distant Karamoja plains disappearing from below is quite spectacular.

The atmosphere at Sipi is very conducive and favorable given the fact that the weather is much cooler than the rest of Uganda. It is a great place to escape away from the hustle and bustle of the stressful towns to chill and relax. It is worth spending a night in this serene and peaceful place. There are a number of lodges and campsites in the area offering a range of accommodation for all budgets.

Trekking to the water fall is fierce-ful but one of the most fulfilling adventures you can do. The rain bow cutting through the falls, the breeze and the cool drops of water brushing on your skin feels like heaven. There is a network of well-maintained local train through a pleasant country side and offering great views of the scenery in each direction. The Sipi falls area is known for growing of African Coffee thus leading to the development of Agriculture the back bone of Uganda.

8 Deeply Beautiful & Romantic Places to Visit in Uganda

8 Deeply Beautiful & Romantic Places to Visit in Uganda

  • Posted: Sep 02, 2017
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Uganda an East African country has a combination of diverse wildlife, natural beauty and warm pleasant tropical climate all year round. There are plenty of places where visitors can go for a vacation holiday or a day trip in case you’re on a short trip to Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi Africa’s second deepest fresh water lake is located in south western Uganda. It is home to some of most beautiful scenery of its 19 islands surrounded by terraced rolling hills and village farms. The islands are best explored by traditional canoeing or boat ride. The lake has great accommodation including luxury lodges, backpacker camps, guest houses and home stays.

Lake Bunonyi is conveniently located close to Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla parks. Travelers could easily spend a night or longer, relax and refresh after a gorilla safari as well as enjoy an array of outdoor activities. From swimming without risk of bilharzias, crocodiles or hippos, zip lining, bird watching, hiking to nature and cultural village walks. The volcanic hills are fertile and the kigezi region is renowned for producing healthiest fruits and veggies you’ll be served on your delicious meals.

Sesse Islands

Sesse islands are an archipelago of 84 islands scattered in the middle of Lake Victoria, the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world. Bugala islands accessible by a ferry from Entebbe taking 2 hours are the main tourist attraction with white sand beaches, magical sunsets, nice accommodation and camp fireplaces. Visit Sesse to enjoy a natural calm and quiet environment for honeymoon or relaxing vacation. There are several activities to enjoy such boat riding, canoeing, biking, birding, camping, traditional fishing and swimming.

Jinja source of the Nile

Jinja town is located in eastern Uganda and it is where river Nile, the longest in the world starts to flow from Lake Victoria. A boat ride gives access to the source of the Nile. The cascading grade five rapids of the Nile waters make Jinja a popular destination for white water rafting in East Africa. Aside from rafting, Jinja has much to offer for adventure seeking travelers. The Victoria Nile waters create perfect conditions for swimming, boat riding.  Other things to do include horseback riding, cycling, hiking, bungee jumping, all terrain quad biking and a two day house boat safaris is available for those who want to stay on the water and explore fishing villages. Downstream the Nile, there are river-side lodges, camping places, guest houses and several hotels that provide accommodation for visitors. Jinja town has rich history and culture. There are old Indian architectural buildings, food markets, bars and restaurants for all your needs such as shopping and partying.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Located in the heart of Lake Victoria only accessible by 1 hour and 40 minutes boat ride, Ngamba islands is a perfect place for honey moon and weekend holiday. Being located in middle of Lake Victoria Ngamba islands, it’s a place to sit back, relax besides, and enjoy the sun on top of the ultimate chimpanzee experience. Home to 49 orphaned chimpanzees; your visit supports their conservation. Take part in activities such as chimpanzee feeding and care giving. Just at the site birds can be spotted but you can also go for forest walks. Other activities you can arrange include sunset cruises and visiting the nearby fishing villages. The place has 4 permanent tents with double rooms and 15 camping tents provide fine accommodation. In the evening traditional dance performances are heartwarming than the campfire itself. Note, however, there are no beaches and swimming is not allowed except at the equator crossing in the middle of the lake.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list in 1991 for its natural beauty, Rwenzori mountains national park protects Mount Rwenzori and the snow capped Magherita peaks are the 3rd tallest in Africa at 5,109 meters and definitely a world class tropical mountaineering destination. The park boasts 5 vegetation types that include beautiful everlasting flowers, rare plants like cloud forest giant lobelias and heathers, waterfalls, valley of nine glaciers, rivers and streams. Nature walks and hiking trails provide visitors a chance to walk through the captivating natural scenery. The park is a home to rare and endemic wildlife such as three horned chameleon, Rwenzori turaco and many species of birds and mammals not found anywhere else on the African continent.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Among Africa national parks, kidepo was named number 3 by CNN Travel for being the most beautiful and best place to see wildlife. More importantly kidepo is has no crowds and averagely 10 or less visitors visit the park daily. Kidepo is what a true African wilderness looks like. The park is a semi-desert rugged landscape with vast savannah plains, dry mountain thickets, borassous palm trees and the sand river valleys of kidepo and narus provide life to more than 77 mammals and over 450 birds. It has the largest single herd of buffaloes than any other park in East and central Africa. More importantly the park has animals that are not found anywhere else in Uganda. Game drives offer higher chances to spot animals like cheetahs, African hunting dog, ostrich, Aard wolf, jackals and big game lions, leopards. Outside the park, the indigenous IK tribes offer great cultural experience.

Kidepo is located in north eastern Uganda Karamoja region along the border with south Sudan and Kenya. Getting there by car takes 12 hours and 1 hour by charter plane.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Named among the 7 natural wonders of Africa by National Geographic, Queen Elizabeth national park is set in the rift valley floor against the snow capped Rwenzori Mountains. The park’s landscapes combine savannah grassland plains, wetlands, explosion crater lakes, underground tropical forests of Kyambura and Kazinga channel that connects lakes George and Edward. With most travelers visiting the park in search of abundant game mostly the tree climbing lions in Ishasha southern sector, you can still explore the area on foot for spectacular sightseeing. The best areas of the park to take in beautiful scenic views are the top of the world’s hike, the crater lakes trail, Bush camping experience at Edward flats, Queen’s pavilion, Kazing channel boat cruise and Mweya peninsular has the main tourist center, cafes, lodges, and camping sites. There is also the nearby Katwe Salt Lake; a centuries old salt mining industry has greatly supported the economic wellbeing of the local people and offers cultural experience. Travelers looking to go off the beaten path, Kyambura gorge offers chimpanzee tracking experience. There are a number of luxury and budget accommodations around the park.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo national park is spectacular place of savannah plains, acacia woodlands, swamps and lakes that provide home to over 300 species of birds and variety of mammals like zebras, buffalos, impalas, eland and topi. Spotting wildlife is done by horseback riding, hiking on foot and game drives. Bird watching is also fantastic and nature walks offer a chance to spot the shoebill stork. Lake Mburo, the largest of the 5 lakes in the park is explored by boat cruise searching for hippos, crocodiles, water birds and amazing equatorial sunsets.

The park has a wide range of accommodations including the luxury Mihingo lodge with outdoor swimming pool. Getting to the park is easy, taking only 2 hours drive from Kampala.

10 Most Interesting Things to Do in Jinja

10 Most Interesting Things to Do in Jinja

  • Posted: Jun 25, 2017
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If there is a town in Uganda that is captivating and endowed beyond imagination, then it is Jinja because this is a town that has a bucket full of interesting attractions and activities for tourists. Jinja is where you will find almost all adrenaline activities, most industries and cozy accommodation facilities. This town is known as the “Capital of adventurous activities”, and is situated about 100 kilometers/60 miles East of Kampala and is about 1 hour away. Here are some of the genuine reasons why you should add Jinja on your bucket list.

Enjoy a boat cruise

While in Jinja, you can take a boat cruise at the River Nile as you enjoy a drink or snack that will make your time in this town unforgettable. The most fantastic is the sunset cruise where you watch the sun set while on the waters of the Nile with your drink or dinner served on the boat. This is the best activity for tourists on a honeymoon. Alternatively, there is also a sunrise boat cruise where you watch the sun rise while you are on the lake and have your breakfast too. This is one of the things that you will never forget about Jinja town.

You can visit the source of the Nile

Several times when someone mentions river Nile, most people think of Egypt. But did you know that the source of the Nile is actually found in Jinja? Then come discover the source of the Nile and be added to the list of great achievers like John Speke. While at Jinja, you can enjoy boat rides within Lake Victoria from the Source of the Nile Park then back, and relish some of the colorful butterfly and beautiful bird species around. Boat rides costs about $40 per hour but the experience is beyond what you can imagine.

 Home of adrenaline filled activities

Jinja is known as the adrenaline capital of East Africa because you will never get bored with the variety of adventurous activities you can choose from. It offers the Ugandan version of the Victoria Falls, and some of these adrenaline filled activities include Jet boating, white water rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, bungee jumping and Quad bike rides. Most of these activities are not for the faint hearted people but for those who do not fear to explore the extraordinary. Adrift Adventure and Nile River Explorers are some of the popular Companies that organize these adventurous activities, but most hotels in Jinja also organize these activities for their guests.

Mountain biking

This riveting activity is mainly conducted along the Nile River and rewards tourists with a breathtaking view of the Nile, several Villages and Hamlets. Besides the refreshing feeling you get when you participate in Mountain biking, you will also enjoy some of the attractions within the Nile.

Visit to Itanda Falls

The Itanda Falls is found on the Nile River, about 18 kilometers North-west of Jinja town and is a place where you will appreciate the power of nature. Besides the magnificent Waterfalls, you will be able to sight some bird species including the weaver birds. Some of the remarkable activities that take place near this waterfall include camping and picnics hence this place is one of the fantastic vacation spots for family getaways.

Besides visiting the Itanda Falls, you can also visit the Bujagali Falls (about 10 kilometers) from Jinja town perfect for bird watching, scenic viewing and white water rafting, the Kyabirwa Falls (8 kilometers from Jinja Town) perfect for bird watching and Ethno-botany.

You will also find great accommodation facilities for relaxation and unwinding, and they include Kingfisher Safaris Resort (midrange), Jinja Backpackers at the Banks of the Nile offers great meals and tourists can enjoy the spectacular views of the Nile. Two friends Guesthouse is ideal for tourists looking for a quiet place for chilling with friends during the weekends, Wild Water Lodge, Emerald Backpackers at the center of the town boats of beautiful gardens and wonderful bar area, Free Wi-Fi and Pool table and Jinja Nile Resort the pride of Jinja with wonderful swimming pool open to Guests (free) and non-guests (at a fee).

In conclusion, Jinja is the Capital of adventurous activities in Uganda that include bungee jumping, white water rafting, and Kayaking. Besides the adventurous activities, tourists who visit this town can chill within some of the exquisite and cozy hotels/lodges which offer you an experience like no other in Uganda.

5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Safari in Uganda

5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Safari in Uganda

  • Posted: May 30, 2017
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Uganda is the pearl of Africa and is dotted with rich biodiversity which is added to the friendly people that make it to be gifted by Nature. This country offers many wildlife safari experiences with in its national parks as well as game reserves.

National Parks

Uganda has many exciting places to enjoy a traditional safari! These include; Murchison falls National park that is famous for its scenic beauty and water falls and the boat cruises on the Nile River, Queen Elizabeth National park known for its tree climbing lions and a boat cruise on Kazinga channel, Rwenzori National park famous for mountain climbing as well as wildlife species, Ssemliki national park famous for birding, Mt Elgon for mountain climbing and the nature walk, Lake Mburo National park good for game drives, all these are found in Uganda.


Uganda is one of the only three coutries that protect the mountain gorillas. Within the South Western part of the country, there are two national parks that were gazetted to protect the mountain gorillas; Bwindi impenetrable National park, the most famous for gorilla trekking and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Ugandan portion of the Virunga Ranges. Gorilla trekking is also the main highlight of any safari in Uganda. It’s also the main reason why many people travel from their home countries to Uganda, you get to enjoy tracking these beautiful primates as you take photos and observe their way of life in the forest. These mountain gorillas share 95% of their DNA with the human beings. This activity involves nature walks with in the forest and sitting and seeing these gorillas as they carry out their day to day activities.

Adrenaline Adventures

Uganda also gives water rafting adventures that can be carried out on the source of the Nile, which is found in the eastern part of the country, you get a chance to interact with the local people so that to adventure the culture of the people of Uganda. About Adventure, Uganda’s industry is also growing day by day and this includes; white water rafting, this is done on the source of the Nile , Bungee jumping, wildlife viewing and many game drives, the visits at the water falls, the cultural visits, mountain climbing, the guided walks, boat cruises, the guided walks, the forest walks as well as bird watching.

Source of the Nile

You also get to explore the source of the Nile and Uganda is home to the true source of the Nile and it’s the longest River with in Africa. The river is found in Jinja district, the guests can spend the entire day as you enjoy the different water activities like swimming, he boat cruise, bungee jumping and Canoeing. You also get to adventure Lake Victoria which is also the second largest water lake in the world.

Cultural Experiences

On any safari to Uganda, you will have a chance to meet the very friendly people with the different cultures. Uganda has got variety of cultures with each having different and very unique language, the dress code, the traditional practices, songs and the cultural dances. You get chance of tasting the fresh vegetables and the fruits including the mangoes, guavas, jack fruits, lettuce, cabbages, and the water lemons. There is also the batwa community visit which is one of the main cultural interactions carried out in Uganda.

The other things to do on any Uganda safari include; the beautiful terrain, Wildlife, mountain Rwenzori or the mountain of the moon, the Murchison falls national park, the source of the Nile, city tours, beach tours, forest walks and many more.

Review: Best Cars for Self Drive Holiday in Uganda

Review: Best Cars for Self Drive Holiday in Uganda

  • Posted: Apr 15, 2017
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There are many car options for travelers planning to enjoy a self drive hoiday in Uganda. Wahabu Kazibwe of Uganda Self Drive one of the car rental agencies offering very affordable and reliable as well as trusted cheap car hire services in East Africa reviews the best options that you should look upon!  In Uganda, a wide range of comfortable cars for hire are provided by car hire agencies ranging from 4X4 station wagons, Saloon cars to Mini-buses and Coaster Vans. We do provide rental services such as airport pickups, organizing chauffer driven and self drive safaris in Uganda and can adjust your car rental needs based on your travel plans and budget. You are advised to feel free to contact us and rent a car of your choice.

Please feel free to rent a car of your choice either on line or by directly visiting our offices. All our rates are fully inclusive of insurance, local taxes on unlimited mileage basis. Our company considers value for money and also covers great rates and outstanding customer service. The services we provide are great for frequent business and vacation travelers for them to rent very smart cars in Uganda. Usually the rate you do reserve for your car is the rate you will pay with our reserved rate promise.

When you have rented the vehicle and you are doing the driving yourself, it can be an economical and rewarding way to travel within the country. Uganda is suitable for extensive driving in a 4 X 4 safari car. In major national parks such as Murchison falls and Bwindi Impenetrable they can be only visited using four wheel drive cars.  For the best benefit to self-driving is for you to have more interaction with the local people and get the opportunity to view the different landscapes in more detail and at your own pace.

While you are in Uganda, always Keep left because the rules for driving are that drive on the left-hand side of the road. Therefore our rental cars are therefore right-hand drive vehicles, with the gear shift being operated with the left hand. All distances, speed limits (and speedometers) are marked in kilometers. We have got numerous car and van rental options available, so if you are looking for a safari minivan hire, luxury car hire, 4×4 hire or coaster hire in Uganda talk to us to help you choose the best car option for your holiday. However, the sedans car in Uganda a have manual transmission gearboxes. In case you are looking for the most economical vehicle then we would recommend a sedan car which is like a Toyota Corolla. You should note that it might be a hatchback and would not have too much room for large suitcases. It is usually suited for a maximum of 2 persons with smaller bags.

If your group is a larger family, then we recommend a Group I like a Toyota Land cruiser with more seats. The Toyota safari Land cruiser usually has a pop up roof and is very convenient. In case you want to do some game viewing by car in some of the National parks, you will prefer a higher clearance vehicle for the safari part. There are also 8 seater minivans in both manual and automatic transmission being offered by us and they are very perfect for larger parties of friends or families. While visiting Uganda for a long self-drive during the rainy season, a time when roads can quickly deteriorate, a 4WD provides you with better traction, stability and ground clearance. During this time, the road surfaces can become extremely slippery in areas, and even the tarred roads can be prone to flooding.

The cars that do make up the car hire fleet across Uganda are kept in excellent condition, making you feel as though you are driving a new car every time. So if you need one for your self, just click here and make a reservation of your choice.

Why Take a Self Drive in Uganda

Why Take a Self Drive in Uganda

  • Posted: Aug 16, 2015
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A self drive safari in Uganda is one of the best ways to experience Uganda. You can discover the best tourist hot spots in the country with a rental car in Uganda that can be obtained from any of the car rental agencies. There are several cars that you can use for a self drive in Uganda and these include RAV4, Land Cruisers, Land Rovers and more.


When you book a self drive, cases of prior accommodation booking becomes not essential as if you book a roof tent/camper vehicle you can easily camp in many national parks or reserves or you can use our camping equipment option provided with our 4×4 car rental, in such a background you can reduce on the cost being spent on accommodation and do your camping anywhere in a park for an overnight.


All our rates on each car we rent are affordable the 4×4 camper/roof-tent becomes your accommodation and transport and offers excellent value(biting 2 birds with one stone at a very friendly comfortable vehicle) to take you any corner of Uganda whether rough roads our vehicles can reach there. General car hire prices in Uganda are a bit low when you compare it with many other countries in the world. You have very many options in that you can decide to take an ordinary 4×4 without camping provision or you can opted a car with camping equipment, our Rav 4 and vans also can do the best to make your safari to Uganda memorable one.

Unrestricted travel:

Our car rentals are unrestricted ounce you rent our cars and agreed upon with our terms and condition of rent, you can access to all areas in Uganda and other part in the east and central Africa, some parts of Uganda are in the remote areas so a 4×4 vehicle is necessary, tour to Uganda national parks and reserves to discover many natural wonders with our self drive vehicle either family car or land cruiser Rav 4, we have a wide range of vehicles to chose either with a driver of self drive.

Better game viewing:

If you’re in a self drive car, you have a better chance of viewing several species of wild animals and photography, as our vehicles either van, land cruiser have a top up roof which can permit easy watching of animals, you can drive anywhere in the park for better viewing of animals, this can only be possible if you hire a self drive car with us, our safari won’t be a regret.

Complete experience:

For sure when on a self drive you get a complete experience and your safari becomes a memorable one, in that when driving on the roads of Uganda you get a better feel for the countries you pass through as you have an option to admire whatever you meet on the way, so you see more and enjoy more. Indeed why don’t you book a self drive with us and reach where others cannot reach and enjoy more.

Travel around:

A 4×4 self drive is a must for the more adventurous safari as you will explore very may interesting areas whole over the country, ranging from Uganda’s ten national with very many animals, birds and plant, to various lakes and river in Uganda, enjoy an adventurous activities at the lake like boat cruise, fishing and the most interesting the water rafting at the River Nile. All these activities can be enjoyed when you hire yourself drive 4×4 vehicles

Sounds of the bush:

Once you decide to camp in the bush in a safety of your roof tent, you will be in position to feel the sounds of the bush something that will really make you feel that you’re on an adventurous safaris in Africa.  It’s really out in the wild