Car Hire Uganda : Frequently Asked Questions

Car Hire Uganda : Frequently Asked Questions

  • Posted: Jul 08, 2017
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Here are some of the questions many car hirers especially on a self-drive asks, self-drive is one of the best option and many companies in Uganda, inclusive. Hiring cars on a self-drive gives traveler a chance to explore on their own, it gives freedom as you are free to navigate any area of interest at your own pace. Here are some of the frequently asked question by car hirer and answers.

When to book a car hire? It’s advisable to book a rental car in time prior to your arrival dates to avoid disappointments as result of last minute booking. If you book in time, you are guaranteed of a purchasing power in that you can contact different rental car companies and select one which has friendly prices that can meet your budget. This cannot be possible if you wait to book on arrival. You can pay before your arrival to avoid risks of carrying huge sums of money. Also you can pre-book and pay on arrival after agreeing with a car hire agency. We do accept arrival payment.

What is the age limit for one to be allowed to drive in Uganda?   The age limit in Uganda is 18 years of age which is known as the standard age. However if someone is between the age of 17 years and he/she possess a valid driving permit can be allowed to drive.

Is it OK to return the car before the actual agreed upon dates? This is acceptable, however, no refund for unused days. However, if you exceed the agreed upon days, you are supposed to pay each day you have stayed with the vehicle and you have to communicate earlier to the car hire agency

Fuel consumption required and the type of fuel? For the amount of fuel required, it’s better to ask the car hire agency before you start your road trip and most of the hired cars are both petrol and diesel, so choose the car with the fuel type that will suit your interest and budget. The car hire agency will do their best to give you the car with the fuel type requested. Most of the time cars are hired without fuel and no refund in case you return it with fuel, so when fueling it you need to be calculative about the distance you are going to cover.

Do I need to come with a driving permit? Driving permits are very vital for anyone who hiring a car. Driving permit is a proof that you hold a driver’s license in your country, so endeavor to come with it, no one will hire you a car if you don’t present it to the car hire company.

How do I know that a car is going to be booked for me? After the payment has been made, you will be sent a scanned copy of receipt of payment as a proof that your payment has been received. And if you pay on arrival a receipt will be written to you indicating the type of vehicle, number of days to use the car and the amount paid.

Is travel insurance needed? Travel insurance is highly needed and your travel agent is the best person to give you advise on the right insurance policy for your holiday vacation.

Which insurance is the car hire agency provide? In Uganda most of the car hire companies offers comprehensive insurance this covers Fire, accident and theft. However, this insurance does not cover the occupants and their belongings so you must come with your own personal life insurance. And the insurance covers only one person the driver.