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Another Male Rhino Born in Uganda

Another Male Rhino Born in Uganda

  • Posted: Jun 21, 2018
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Another male rhino has been born in Uganda’s Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. According to an update from the Rhino Fund Uganda, in the wee hours of Tuesday morning whilst all but the night shift Rangers slept, a wonderful life was born. A bouncing baby boy has been born at the sanctuary increasing the number of Rhinos to 23!

We congratulate Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and the first time Mum Uhuru.

New UWA Buses to Boost Tourism in Uganda

New UWA Buses to Boost Tourism in Uganda

  • Posted: Jan 29, 2018
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The year 2018 has started with interesting news including the importation of brand new executive UWA buses that are aimed at promoting domestic tourism in Uganda. Additionally, these buses will contribute to awareness among some members of the population especially corporations, schools as well as the general public institutions within the different areas of tourism for conservation initiatives.

While launching the buses at Uganda Wildlife Authority Headquarters in Kamwokya (Kampala), the State Minister for Tourism-Hon Godfrey Kiwanda emphasized that the over dependence of the country in International Tourism is not sufficient in supporting tourism development in Uganda hence the need to also focus on domestic tourists.

According to UWA Executive Director-Dr. Andrew Sseguya, all the five buses coasted about $800, 000 (Uganda shillings 2, 923,080,000) and was part of the Agency’s strategy to improve tourism and conservation within all the National Protected Areas. Therefore, you can visit Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park at greatly reduced transport cost.

However, that is not enough because with the poor state of roads, it is challenging to connect to the National Parks even with the purchase of the buses. Therefore according to UWA Executive Director, the Government is very committed to constructing more roads across Uganda so that tourists are not challenged with transport and connection to the Conservation Areas.

What special features are found on the executive buses to make them ideal for tourism? They surprisingly have high ground clearance with cozy leather seats, power charging ports, entertainment and communication facilities as well as enough luggage space. Wouldn’t want to feel the comfort of the new tourism buses?

During the same time of launching the buses, Minister Kiwanda also launched the 2018 Tulambule public Campaign, to sensitize and create awareness about the tourism sector among Ugandans, as a way of promoting domestic tourism in the country.  During this initiative, tourists (especially Ugandans) are able to make trips to popular destinations in the country such as Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth National Parks as well as Towns like Jinja, Mbarara and Mbale at affordable rates for middle income earners.  Therefore with the purchase of the buses, Ugandans can take advantage of the low rates to explore the beauty of the country-known as the “Pearl of Africa”. Not only that, with these buses, two birds have been shot with one stone because tourism is marketed to locals and then more Ugandans will be able to visit the spectacular National Parks.

These executive buses were commissioned as part of the benefits of the $100,000,000 World Bank Project referred as the “Competitive and Enterprises Development Project (CEDP). This project is aimed at supporting reforms to improve the business environment within Uganda.

In conclusion, the launch of the executive buses by the Uganda Wildlife Authority is one of the ways of marketing the attractions especially National Parks to locals while at the same time promoting domestic tourism since more Ugandans will be able to explore what the country offers.

Meet Uganda’s Great Silver Back Gorillas

Meet Uganda’s Great Silver Back Gorillas

  • Posted: Jan 17, 2018
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Gorilla trekking is one of the best wildlife encounters in the whole world. While on a trek through the impenetrable jungles of Africa, your eyes are first set on the dominant silver back the head of the entire gorilla family. There are two protected areas where Uganda’s mountain gorillas are protected; the tropical rain forests of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. These parks are located in southwestern Uganda. These rain forests date back to even more than 25000years and they have about 400 diverse plant species. These forests shelter approximately 400 mountain gorillas, which is almost half of the worlds surviving mountain gorillas almost half of the world’s total population of mountain gorillas with their leaders the great silver backs.

Silver backs are the mature male leaders in the groups of mountain gorillas in the forest. Their name encompassed from their silver saddles across their backs. Thesilver back being the head of the group, he is accounted for the safety of his group (troop). This troop consists of 5 to 30 gorillas. The silver back are always in charge of the troop, to make decisions on where the group forages for food, where to travel, where its to rest and where its to sleep at night.

Silver back gorillas are huge with a height of about 5.7 to 6.2feet and weight of 360pounds.According to their heads; their ears are too small for them. They have large bony crests on the tops of their skulls and backs to support their teeth and jaw muscles, and also to give their heads that conical shape. The silverbacks are the hairy species of gorillas. They have long and thick hair to helps them in insulation while at higher elevations. They have uniquely shorter legs compared to their hands. At the age of twelve, these silverbacks start developing their silver saddles; the young males that have not developed these saddles yet are called “black backs”.

The silverbacks are quite gentle and shy despite their huge size and strength. They are very social, though only with in their specific family . They are affectionate; they play and hug with each other just like the humans do. They also laugh and even throw things when angry as the humans. Otherwise, they are very peaceful animals.

They feed on vegetables, along the edges of dense forests though they can also feed on crop plants and rotting wood. They eat up to 45pounds of food in a day. The silver back is usually the only male in a troop to mate with all the females. The females choose this silverback because of its strength and size. Sometimes the silver back will allow other males to mate with one of the females in the family. The black backs (juvenile male gorillas) are no allowed to mate with females in the entire group. They are then forced o form their own families for which they become silverbacks and take the full responsibilities of their started families.

If there is any activity that you can never miss, then its gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga forest national park, come and experience the peaceful norms of the great silverback gorillas in their troops, they are the true definition of leadership.

Conclusively therefore, a silverback is the dad to the family. Trek any gorilla family and witness the fatherhood of a silverback in terms of defense and care for his family members.

Weekend Escape to Murchison Falls National Park

Weekend Escape to Murchison Falls National Park

  • Posted: Oct 03, 2017
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I recently spent a weekend in Murchison Falls National Park which is known as Uganda’s most diverse game park for luxury and budget safaris. Having been on a 4 day gorilla and wildlife safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, I had more 3 days free in Uganda and decided to enjoy the many tourist activities in Murchison Falls, Birding, chimpanzee tracking, game drives, hiking, launch cruise, sports and cultural encounters. Like other wildlife parks, Murchison falls is a home to the big 5 and other attractive animals that make your day wonderful all through.


Paraa Safari Lodge is wonderful places to stay if you visit Murchison falls on luxury safari arrangement. Besides the lodge restaurants over look the Nile River and the pool, the food is just what you need, ambience cool and much more. You will love everything about Paraa safari lodge but the wide range of delicious dishes, deserts served is something you can never forget. The great pool cools you off on a hot day making you stay fabulous. Other luxury lodges to check out are Chobe safari lodge, Nile safari camp etc.

For travelers taking budget safaris in Murchison Falls National Park, Red chill Campsite, Murchison River Lodge, Sambiya River Lodge are the best option well known for every budget. All are close to the south bank of the river but red chili and Murchison River are more convenient. Red chilly is mainly for budge travelers but Murchison River lodge caters for both budget and mid-range travelers. They have a swimming pool and other great facilities that make you stay very comfortable feeling like another home in the wilderness.

What I love in Murchison Falls

Among the many tour activities that we enjoyed during our Uganda safari in Murchison falls, the afternoon launch cruise and a hike to the top of the falls is one thing you will enjoy and love for life. You may have seen different kinds of wildlife during the morning and evening game drive but those spotted during the boat ride look very attractive and charming giving you nice photo captions and videos to cherish for life. Looking at the fight of the water and rocks is another amazing moment that makes Murchison falls very unique and outstanding. The fresh winds make you get immersed in nature and birders get a chance to spot popular bird species like the Shoebill stock and others. On your way back the Rhino Sanctuary is another interesting sanctuary that every Murchison falls visitor should check out.

Getting Around the Park

Murchison falls is a shining example of great wildlife parks in Uganda and you will definitely be impressed by every you see and experience. However, being a home to several wild animals, birds and primates, it’s better to use a private safari vehicle to explore the park because most park habitats are wild. If you on a very tight budget, would recommend you to join budget group tours to the park that run often by different tour companies hence cutting costs. You may decide to re discover the park primates in Budongo Eco Forest another interesting tour adventure for primate lovers.

Kibale Forest Has 3 Chimpanzee Tracking Sessions

Kibale Forest Has 3 Chimpanzee Tracking Sessions

  • Posted: Oct 03, 2017
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As one of the most attractive safari destination  in Uganda for chimpanzee tracking and also famous to the world as one of the most populated primate capital in Africa,Kibale Forest  now runs three chimpanzee trekking sessions a day in line with conservation and tourism demand. Most travelers to Africa love tracking gorillas and chimpanzees at the same time though some still don’t different that they have a choice to go chimpanzee habituation instead of  trekking and spend a all day in company of the first moving primates.

Because gorilla tracking and Chimpanzee trekking go hand in hand, the high demand for gorilla tourism lead to a high demand for chimpanzee trekking as well.However, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) the government body that manages all Uganda national parks passed a new chimpanzee tracking session for Kibale forest to be thrice a day instead of twice a day in respect of conservation and tourism demand. This has enabled many primate lovers to track chimpanzees as well as gorillas in the right time one after the other. Its also great news to those planning to visit Uganda for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking tours to Kibale forest and Bwindi Impenetrable National park since the number of chimpanzee permits has been doubled.

Important Things to Know About Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale Forest

Best time to Go Chimpanzee Trekking

Chimpanzee trekking is all year activity just like gorilla tracking but those interested in Chimpanzee habituation can visit the park in the months of March, April, May and November when the tourists are low. Since chimpanzee habituation is done in groups of 4-6, you get enough chances of getting close to the chimps, make clear observation and photography. But also tracking chimpanzees in March, April, May and November is great in Kibale Forest National Park.

Cost of Chimpanzee permits in Kibale

Chimpanzee trekking permits for Kibale Forest National Park cost $150 per trek while chimpanzee habituation go for $22o for a day but the trekking fee goes to $100 per a trek during low season months a price valid until 2019 when Uganda Wildlife Authority plans to revise its park tariff rates. It is anticipated that this Uganda tour adventure will also become a little bit costly in future for conservation reasons so better to do it once you can provided there is money and time.

Other places where to go chimpanzee tracking grounds in Uganda include;

8 Deeply Beautiful & Romantic Places to Visit in Uganda

8 Deeply Beautiful & Romantic Places to Visit in Uganda

  • Posted: Sep 02, 2017
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Uganda an East African country has a combination of diverse wildlife, natural beauty and warm pleasant tropical climate all year round. There are plenty of places where visitors can go for a vacation holiday or a day trip in case you’re on a short trip to Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi Africa’s second deepest fresh water lake is located in south western Uganda. It is home to some of most beautiful scenery of its 19 islands surrounded by terraced rolling hills and village farms. The islands are best explored by traditional canoeing or boat ride. The lake has great accommodation including luxury lodges, backpacker camps, guest houses and home stays.

Lake Bunonyi is conveniently located close to Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla parks. Travelers could easily spend a night or longer, relax and refresh after a gorilla safari as well as enjoy an array of outdoor activities. From swimming without risk of bilharzias, crocodiles or hippos, zip lining, bird watching, hiking to nature and cultural village walks. The volcanic hills are fertile and the kigezi region is renowned for producing healthiest fruits and veggies you’ll be served on your delicious meals.

Sesse Islands

Sesse islands are an archipelago of 84 islands scattered in the middle of Lake Victoria, the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world. Bugala islands accessible by a ferry from Entebbe taking 2 hours are the main tourist attraction with white sand beaches, magical sunsets, nice accommodation and camp fireplaces. Visit Sesse to enjoy a natural calm and quiet environment for honeymoon or relaxing vacation. There are several activities to enjoy such boat riding, canoeing, biking, birding, camping, traditional fishing and swimming.

Jinja source of the Nile

Jinja town is located in eastern Uganda and it is where river Nile, the longest in the world starts to flow from Lake Victoria. A boat ride gives access to the source of the Nile. The cascading grade five rapids of the Nile waters make Jinja a popular destination for white water rafting in East Africa. Aside from rafting, Jinja has much to offer for adventure seeking travelers. The Victoria Nile waters create perfect conditions for swimming, boat riding.  Other things to do include horseback riding, cycling, hiking, bungee jumping, all terrain quad biking and a two day house boat safaris is available for those who want to stay on the water and explore fishing villages. Downstream the Nile, there are river-side lodges, camping places, guest houses and several hotels that provide accommodation for visitors. Jinja town has rich history and culture. There are old Indian architectural buildings, food markets, bars and restaurants for all your needs such as shopping and partying.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Located in the heart of Lake Victoria only accessible by 1 hour and 40 minutes boat ride, Ngamba islands is a perfect place for honey moon and weekend holiday. Being located in middle of Lake Victoria Ngamba islands, it’s a place to sit back, relax besides, and enjoy the sun on top of the ultimate chimpanzee experience. Home to 49 orphaned chimpanzees; your visit supports their conservation. Take part in activities such as chimpanzee feeding and care giving. Just at the site birds can be spotted but you can also go for forest walks. Other activities you can arrange include sunset cruises and visiting the nearby fishing villages. The place has 4 permanent tents with double rooms and 15 camping tents provide fine accommodation. In the evening traditional dance performances are heartwarming than the campfire itself. Note, however, there are no beaches and swimming is not allowed except at the equator crossing in the middle of the lake.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list in 1991 for its natural beauty, Rwenzori mountains national park protects Mount Rwenzori and the snow capped Magherita peaks are the 3rd tallest in Africa at 5,109 meters and definitely a world class tropical mountaineering destination. The park boasts 5 vegetation types that include beautiful everlasting flowers, rare plants like cloud forest giant lobelias and heathers, waterfalls, valley of nine glaciers, rivers and streams. Nature walks and hiking trails provide visitors a chance to walk through the captivating natural scenery. The park is a home to rare and endemic wildlife such as three horned chameleon, Rwenzori turaco and many species of birds and mammals not found anywhere else on the African continent.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Among Africa national parks, kidepo was named number 3 by CNN Travel for being the most beautiful and best place to see wildlife. More importantly kidepo is has no crowds and averagely 10 or less visitors visit the park daily. Kidepo is what a true African wilderness looks like. The park is a semi-desert rugged landscape with vast savannah plains, dry mountain thickets, borassous palm trees and the sand river valleys of kidepo and narus provide life to more than 77 mammals and over 450 birds. It has the largest single herd of buffaloes than any other park in East and central Africa. More importantly the park has animals that are not found anywhere else in Uganda. Game drives offer higher chances to spot animals like cheetahs, African hunting dog, ostrich, Aard wolf, jackals and big game lions, leopards. Outside the park, the indigenous IK tribes offer great cultural experience.

Kidepo is located in north eastern Uganda Karamoja region along the border with south Sudan and Kenya. Getting there by car takes 12 hours and 1 hour by charter plane.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Named among the 7 natural wonders of Africa by National Geographic, Queen Elizabeth national park is set in the rift valley floor against the snow capped Rwenzori Mountains. The park’s landscapes combine savannah grassland plains, wetlands, explosion crater lakes, underground tropical forests of Kyambura and Kazinga channel that connects lakes George and Edward. With most travelers visiting the park in search of abundant game mostly the tree climbing lions in Ishasha southern sector, you can still explore the area on foot for spectacular sightseeing. The best areas of the park to take in beautiful scenic views are the top of the world’s hike, the crater lakes trail, Bush camping experience at Edward flats, Queen’s pavilion, Kazing channel boat cruise and Mweya peninsular has the main tourist center, cafes, lodges, and camping sites. There is also the nearby Katwe Salt Lake; a centuries old salt mining industry has greatly supported the economic wellbeing of the local people and offers cultural experience. Travelers looking to go off the beaten path, Kyambura gorge offers chimpanzee tracking experience. There are a number of luxury and budget accommodations around the park.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo national park is spectacular place of savannah plains, acacia woodlands, swamps and lakes that provide home to over 300 species of birds and variety of mammals like zebras, buffalos, impalas, eland and topi. Spotting wildlife is done by horseback riding, hiking on foot and game drives. Bird watching is also fantastic and nature walks offer a chance to spot the shoebill stork. Lake Mburo, the largest of the 5 lakes in the park is explored by boat cruise searching for hippos, crocodiles, water birds and amazing equatorial sunsets.

The park has a wide range of accommodations including the luxury Mihingo lodge with outdoor swimming pool. Getting to the park is easy, taking only 2 hours drive from Kampala.

Benefits of Booking a Uganda Car Rental Online

Benefits of Booking a Uganda Car Rental Online

  • Posted: Aug 28, 2017
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There are very many ways of booking a rental car for your travel in Uganda. There is a common way in most countries – making physical booking where by a client rocks the car rental counter and places his/her request of hiring a car from the company. There is also telephone booking which involves the traveler calling the car rental company to hire a car from them. But the method that stands out most is online booking where by the client goes to internet and send a request through an email. Many car rental agencies today prefer booking online! It is just a few clicks on your laptop or smart phone and you are good to go. Online booking is now the most popular method of getting a rental car in Uganda.

Below are the benefits of booking a rental car online in Uganda:


You can never get disappointed with online booking due to the fact that you book with several car rental companies at ago. You can never fail to get a rental car through online. These online car rental companies have a wide range of vehicle up for hire and one can never fail to get one.


Online Car Rental Company can be accessed at anytime one feels like. You can book the rental car at home in your sofa, in the car driving or at the office since you any gadget that can access internet like a smart phone or tablet to book which are portable and can be used at anytime. The reservation team is available to response to your request all the time instantly.

Prepay and save

Online car rental booking makes the client pay beforehand as there is an electronic system that makes one pay online without getting to the counter which saves time and money. Normally when a client books in advance he/she get a reasonable discount from the car rental company and on top of that he/she get enough time to get the right car for his/her trip.


Just a few clicks on the laptop or tablet and your booking is received by the car hire company and this makes you save time which may be used to do some other engagement.


There is ample information about renting cars on the websites of car rental companies in Uganda. This makes you get to acquire the relevant tips of car rental experience in Uganda. This gives you the confidence to take up the driving experience in a foreign country.


With online booking, there is a lot of security as your particulars are only kept between you and the car provider and more so your financial credentials are cannot be tapped by anyone not even the car provider as the online payment mode have lots of security certificates whereby no third party can be involved while making the payment.

Online car rental booking in Uganda is the way to go since it is fast, reliable, secure and hassle free. In additional to the latter, the world is going digital and so it becomes so inevitable to use online booking other the traditional methods.

Uganda Targeting Chinese Tourists

Uganda Targeting Chinese Tourists

  • Posted: Jul 24, 2017
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There are over 7 million Chinese tourists that travel to foreign destinations each and every year. There are many Chinese tourists from most of the many authoritative travel agencies that have come to Uganda to enjoy the many different trips around the many tourist destinations and attractions. The tour that the Chinese tourists engaged in is among the initiatives Uganda Tourism Board has put in place to improve Uganda’s efforts to get to china’s travel market.

According to the China Tourism Research Institute, there are over 117 million Chinese that travel to different foreign countries each year and spend over $104.5 billion. And among these tourists, over 10% of them travel to Africa. This might be small but this means that they are over 10 million tourists and it’s unfortunate that less than 500,000 of these come to Uganda since it ’still in the shadows of countries that marketed themselves to China in the past years. Some of these nations include; South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and many more.

Uganda Tourism Board senior marketing officer says that their efforts to enter into this market in the past years were irritated by limited funding. However, since things are continuing to fall in place and the government has increased the financial support to the sector, they have now boarded on the drive to woo Chinese tourists to Uganda.

The bottom line here is to create additional jobs for the Ugandans as tourism has become one of the major players in its international commerce. Tourism also comes across as the main income source to many households.

The reason why we are choosing china is that Uganda Tourism Board move is fully backed by the fact that Uganda has a rich concentration of the products that show to this niche most especially the cultural destinations as well as the primates. There are also road shows that have been organised in the main cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. There are over three exhibitions that have been organised in these three cities. The Chinese tourists that come to Uganda come to showcase Uganda’s appealing tourism attractions.

There are also many familiarization safaris in Uganda that have been done to enable the Chinese tour operators to sell Uganda the pearl of Africa from a fully informed point of View. Also as it’s the case, the main focus is on the tour companies that have fully specialised in driving tourism tourists to Africa. This will also help in marketing of Uganda to the outside world and thus increasing the number of tourists to Uganda.

The main tourist attractions in Uganda. Tourists taking safaris in Uganda have a lot to see including the mountain gorillas that are mainly found in Bwindi impenetrable national park, the chimpanzees, and the other primate species like the golden monkeys and the monkey types. There are also mammals, reptiles and the birds. The adventure activities also include; white water rafting, bungee jumping, quad biking and many more. The other activities also include; mountain hiking, guided walks, nature walks, bird watching and many more.

Gorilla Trekking Vs Gorilla Habituation

Gorilla Trekking Vs Gorilla Habituation

  • Posted: Jul 17, 2017
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Choosing between gorilla trekking/tracking and gorilla habituation experience has become one of the confusing things for world travelers as they have failed to differentiate between the two. Mountain gorillas are the largest Apes in the world and the most remarkable species that you shouldn’t miss to see in life. There are nearly 900 mountain gorillas that are believed to be still living in the world and yet they are also the world’s critically endangered species. In the world, they are only found in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The fact is that gorilla tracking has proven to be one of the leading adventures that reward its visitors with life changing experiences across African continent. With introduction of a new tremendous adventure in gorilla experience especially in Uganda, there is need for travelers to understand the differences between the two experiences so that visitors are able to make perfect choices based on their budget and equally allows them to achieve their long time dreams in the pearl of Africa.

Below is comparison between gorilla tracking and gorilla habituation experience.

The cost of gorilla permits:

A gorilla is a must to have on gorilla trek in Africa and comparably Uganda offers relatively affordable gorilla permits for gorilla tracking. A safari to the misty valleys of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park comes with a gorilla permits at $600 for foreign nonresidents, $500 for foreign residents and shs.250000 for East African residents specifically for visitors traveling during the peak season whereas those who intend to track gorillas during the low season the permits cost $450, $400 and shs.150000 for foreign nonresidents, foreign residents and East African residents respectively. Despite the fact that Gorilla Habituation Experience is only done in Uganda and only in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in the whole world, this experience comes at a cost of $1500 per tourists for foreign nonresidents, $1000 for foreign residents and shs.750000 for East African residents.


The magical hour:

During gorilla trekking, tourists are given only one magical hour to have a face to face interaction with mountain gorillas. For many, habituation experience is preferably the best given the fact it comes with a sum of 4 hours of magical face to face interaction with these tremendous species in the world and yet it also offers visitors a whole day trek habituating gorillas. Both hours equally offer magical experiences but habituation experience rewards with absolute wild experience as it gives more time for visitors to take photos of mountain gorillas, explore in depth the reality about daily behavior of these Apes in their natural habitat. It is also important to note that for gorilla tracking experiences, visitors are assigned to already habituated gorilla families and in Uganda there are 12 habituated gorilla families set for this unlike gorilla habituation experience which takes place in gorilla groups that are still undergoing habituation process and they are only 2 groups (Bushaho and Bikingi gorilla groups) that are set for habituation experience.

Maximum number of participants:

Usually, gorilla tracking accommodates only eight visitors per gorilla group unlike gorilla habituation experience where only four visitors are allowed which means more ultimate experiences for the visitors and they will be able to discover the daily life styles of the mountain gorillas in the wild with researchers and trackers. Visitors who choose gorilla habituation experiences enjoy fewer crowds as the gorilla groups receive fewer visitors, porters, guides, support staff which allows visitors to be focused on what brought to the wild. It is extremely the rarest experience that you must par take in life!


Gorilla habituation experience occurs only in the Rushaga (southern) sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. For gorilla tracking, it is done from Buhoma, Ruhija, Nkuringo and Rushaga sectors of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest as well as in any country where mountain gorillas are protected which isn’t a case with gorilla habituation experience. In Rwanda, gorilla trekking is done from only one place and yet in Uganda, visitors explore various locations of the park which total up to 5, with four inside Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the other is in located in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. For the case of Rushaga and Nkuringo sectors, visitors can access them even form Kigali Rwanda where they will spend nearly 3 hours to drive to southern sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

In conclusion, gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation experience are strenuous adventures that only those visitors who are physically fit can par take. Visitors who intend to participate in any of these adventures must be well prepared to hike through the steep slopes and dense jungles of Africa for authentic African experiences. Remember only those above 15 years are allowed to track gorillas!

Car Hire Uganda : Frequently Asked Questions

Car Hire Uganda : Frequently Asked Questions

  • Posted: Jul 08, 2017
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Here are some of the questions many car hirers especially on a self-drive asks, self-drive is one of the best option and many companies in Uganda, inclusive. Hiring cars on a self-drive gives traveler a chance to explore on their own, it gives freedom as you are free to navigate any area of interest at your own pace. Here are some of the frequently asked question by car hirer and answers.

When to book a car hire? It’s advisable to book a rental car in time prior to your arrival dates to avoid disappointments as result of last minute booking. If you book in time, you are guaranteed of a purchasing power in that you can contact different rental car companies and select one which has friendly prices that can meet your budget. This cannot be possible if you wait to book on arrival. You can pay before your arrival to avoid risks of carrying huge sums of money. Also you can pre-book and pay on arrival after agreeing with a car hire agency. We do accept arrival payment.

What is the age limit for one to be allowed to drive in Uganda?   The age limit in Uganda is 18 years of age which is known as the standard age. However if someone is between the age of 17 years and he/she possess a valid driving permit can be allowed to drive.

Is it OK to return the car before the actual agreed upon dates? This is acceptable, however, no refund for unused days. However, if you exceed the agreed upon days, you are supposed to pay each day you have stayed with the vehicle and you have to communicate earlier to the car hire agency

Fuel consumption required and the type of fuel? For the amount of fuel required, it’s better to ask the car hire agency before you start your road trip and most of the hired cars are both petrol and diesel, so choose the car with the fuel type that will suit your interest and budget. The car hire agency will do their best to give you the car with the fuel type requested. Most of the time cars are hired without fuel and no refund in case you return it with fuel, so when fueling it you need to be calculative about the distance you are going to cover.

Do I need to come with a driving permit? Driving permits are very vital for anyone who hiring a car. Driving permit is a proof that you hold a driver’s license in your country, so endeavor to come with it, no one will hire you a car if you don’t present it to the car hire company.

How do I know that a car is going to be booked for me? After the payment has been made, you will be sent a scanned copy of receipt of payment as a proof that your payment has been received. And if you pay on arrival a receipt will be written to you indicating the type of vehicle, number of days to use the car and the amount paid.

Is travel insurance needed? Travel insurance is highly needed and your travel agent is the best person to give you advise on the right insurance policy for your holiday vacation.

Which insurance is the car hire agency provide? In Uganda most of the car hire companies offers comprehensive insurance this covers Fire, accident and theft. However, this insurance does not cover the occupants and their belongings so you must come with your own personal life insurance. And the insurance covers only one person the driver.