Uganda is an East African country that lies along the equator. Named the pearl of Africa by Sir Winston Churchill in 1902, Uganda is among the most beautiful nations in the world. It is located astride the Equator that divides the world into the northern and southern hemisphere. The country is bordered by Sudan to the north, Democratic republic of Congo to the west, Kenya in the east, Tanzania and Rwanda to the south.

Uganda is a land locked country that lies at the centre of Africa. With its beautiful National parks and wildlife reserves, the country has a got an attractive country side with tremendous mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and rich cultures among the people of Uganda that have made it a home away from home. Travelers taking safaris in Uganda are not disappointed given the immense things to see and do in Uganda.

Quick Facts About Uganda

Area: 236,580 sq km approximately the size of the United Kingdom, the state of Oregon in the United States of America.

20% of the country’s surface is covered by water, which include lakes, rivers and swamps of international importance.

Population: Uganda has a population of 26 million people (2005 Population and Housing Census)

Languages: English is the official language, Luganda; Bantu languages are widely used, Nilotics, and Swahili.

Religion: Protestants 33%, Roman Catholics 33%, Moslems 16%, others 17% including Pentecostal which has gained a lot of followers.

Average family income: about US $ 200 per annum

Government: Republic with direct presidential elections the country moved to multiparty system.

Independence date: Attained on the 9th October 1962 from Britain

Main towns: Kampala (capital city), Entebbe, Jinja, Mbarara, Mbale, Fort portal among others.

Life expectancy: 42 (males), 45(women)

Agriculture: Mjor crops grown include coffee, cotton, vanilla, tea, millet, milk, poultry, meat, and fruits among others.

Industry: sugar factories, cotton and textile, fish, brewery, pharmaceuticals (medicine), oil among others.

Minerals: Oil discovered from the Albertine Rift, Salt etc

Climate: tropical.